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By Matthew Shovlin on Dec 22, 2014


By Barry Eitel on Dec 22, 2014


By Anne Sewell on Dec 22, 2014


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By Barry Eitel on Dec 19, 2014


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Consumer trend spotting for 2015

By Michael McEnaney on Dec 22, 2014

The unprecedented change the retail and marketing industries have been confronted with over the last few years continues. A painfully slow economic recovery coupled with breakneck technological advances are combining to remake a landscape that was already having trouble keeping pace after the economy initially tanked back in 2008. Consumers continue to morph and change, carrying with them sophisticated expectations as well as a bevy of devices that keep them constantly connected to the world around them. The boundaries between the virtual and physical spaces continue to blur and the need to repeatedly rethink the role and function of your marketing messages has become vital. With all the above in mind, we thought we’d take a look at a couple of consumer trends we’re seeing that can help ke

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Veronica Roberts

"If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it." - Anais Nin "I write to taste life twice"--Anais Nin I am a wife, mother, educator, advocate who might occasionally--ok, more oft than not-- feel too much, think too much, cuss too much, over analyze, over-react, overly sensitive--but I don't know any other way to be--that's just me. If you find any of my articles witty, enjoyable, provocative, infuriating, aggravating, insightful or educational--then my work here is half way done.

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Herb is a retired paralegal, and a writer based in Chicago. Herb also works part-time for National Able Network (a national nonprofit) assigned at the moment to Roosevelt University as a tutor to seniors and ex-offenders in computer skills, literacy skills, job-readiness skills, social skills (how to beat the "New Jim Crow.") He's been a freelancer for many years, appearing in such rags as the Chicago Defender Newspaper, Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazine, Emerge Magazine, the Washington, D.C. Afro-American Newspaper, the Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper, C.L.A.S.S. Magazine, the Chicago Reader Newspaper, Indiana State University Black Literature Forum,, WVON-Talk Radio, Chicago,, Of course, he's been working on the Great American Novel since birth. He's never appeared in any so-called mainstream outlet (and hasn't really tried) because....well, just read him and you will get the message. Herb is a Vietnam War veteran (U.S. Navy...He'd been drafted into the army, but quickly enlisted in the Navy hoping to avoid Vietnam. His ship's very first port of call after boot camp in San Diego -- DaNang Harbor, South Vietnam). Herb has a masters degree in Political & Justice Studies. He relishes any and all comments, criticisms, critiques.

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